If you:

  • Are tired of doing the same thing and getting the same result. 
  • Want a change but you're not sure where to begin.
  • Need someone to show you how to use the right tools.
  • Are tired of wasting time online when you know that there must be an easier way to get things done.
  • Love to see before and afters. Love hearing how things were, and how they are now.

You are in the right place. 

linsey hazel via hazelhaven.com



Hey there, I’m Lindsey Hazel, the educator behind hazelhaven.com. I help creative business owners feel more comfortable with the tech side of their business by teaching them how to use the tools they need.

With my background in marketing, social media, branding, public relations, and website design, I know that I can help you understand the technical stuff.

I use the same tools that I share here for my own business and for my clients. I want you to understand that you can take action and use these tools comfortably and confidently. 

So don't worry about feeling stressed out about the tech stuff, I'm going to walk you through this journey so that you can feel tech savvy and proud when you reach your desired outcome.





When I'm not creating courses or video tutorials- you can find me gardening, trying a new recipe or traveling somewhere without WiFi.

If you're dying to know more, here are 4 things you don't know about me...

1. I graduated with a degree in Art + Psychology.

2. I waited until I was 18 to get my driver's license.

3. I'm frequently found wearing sweaters year-round.

4. I cannot wink and look really goofy trying to do so. 😉