Fish and Chips 101

On my culinary wish list I wanted to learn how to make homemade fish and chips. My man-friend got  me this for Valentine's day and I waited about a month until I got up the nerves to try it out. A friend at work gave me a simple beer batter recipe and I decided to tackle it last week. Being Irish this definitely sounded yummy- I shopped for the necessities and began the challenge.

Before I wanted to start using the deep fryer I needed to be prepared for a grease fire- I bought baking soda since I knew an extinguisher would be messy! This link helps too!

Of course, right when I got this I had decided I was going to try to eat more clean.. fried food is definitely not in the eating clean realm! Everything within moderation!

Another friend told me that you'll know when the food is ready when it floats- good tip to know for a first timer!

*note to self: only use one or two potatoes next time.. especially when cooking for two!

After I was finished with ALL of the potatoes I made the batter for the fish and sliced the fish.

*another note to self: do NOT dunk fish into batter.. or your fish will end up like this below...

I laughed so hard when this happened- because I had to use a knife to cut through the batter and stab the fish so it fell down.. I had no idea though so that was an awesome learning experience.

So next time I will buy some ketchup (I didn't have any in the fridge.. shouldn't staples just resupply themselves?!) and I won't eat so many french fries before making the fish.

I'll also work on putting the right amount of batter on the fish as well.

I also need to find a way to get rid of the oil after cooking.. too bad my bio-diesel-driving-friend doesn't live nearby!

I'm not much of a fried foods lover but I have to admit I was looking all over my kitchen and thinking, "hmmm.. fried tomatoes, fried onion, fried bananas, fried etc." This openssome cooking adventures!



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