Kitchen Essentials

Clockwise from top: /1/ Shun Santoku Knife /2/ Fresh Flowers /3/ A cute apron /4/ Kitchen Shears /5/ George Foreman Grill /6/ Tapestry Dishtowels /7/ simplehuman automatic soap dispenser 


• 1 •

Shun Santoku Knife // Having a good knife comes in handy- I previously used dull knives and would spend so much time cutting vegetables. Having a sharp, good knife makes prep go by smoothly. 

• 2 •

Fresh Flowers // Fresh flowers in the kitchen are always a nice touch. 

• 3 •

A cute apron // In Joy the Baker's new cookbook she mentions, "There's nothing wrong with looking cute while you bake." and I couldn't agree more! 

• 4 •

Kitchen Shears

I use these more than anything else in my kitchen, they are useful for cutting lettuce into bite-size pieces, cutting up meat rather it be bacon, chicken, etc., cutting pizza into slices and so on. Highly recommend finding a good pair to add to yours. 

• 5 •

George Forman Grill

Who would have thought this little grill would be so handy in the modernized kitchen? I have had this since I was in college and it's still working great. I use it for grilling brats when it's cold outside, grilling chicken, and mostly for pressing sandwiches. Trust me, you don't need an expensive panini press if you have one of these. (Note: For cleaning, simply use a wet paper towel and wipe down the grills when it is unplugged but still warm. They also make removable grill plates for the dishwasher as well. )

• 6 • 

Tapestry Dishtowels // Someone gave these to me as a gift once, not only are they pretty but they also work really well. 

• 7 •

simplehuman Sensor Soap Dispenser

When you're cooking it is really nice not having to infect the soap dispenser. This saves me so much time and keeps my hands clean during prep- plus it looks nice too. 

• 8 •

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These are the essentials in my kitchen that have helped me over the years get food on a plate quickly. Hopefully they'll help you as well.

- Linds

There’s nothing wrong with looking cute while you bake.
— Joy the Baker


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