Apps About It

I have a confession, I love apps.

Top left-right: GoogleMaps, Weather, Instagram, ZipList, Any.Do,  Slice, Chronicle, Chrome, Pinterest, HulloMail, Rdio, Fitbit, Habit List,  Yelp, Jewel Mania, FITRadio, Phone, Gmail and Messages.

GoogleMapsWeatherInstagramZipListAny.DoSliceChronicleChromePinterestHulloMailRdio,      FitbitHabit ListYelpJewel ManiaFITRadioPhoneGmail and Messages.

Another confession, I'm a geek. This post is on the apps that I use daily that help simplify my day and hopefully they can help you as well.   

In no particular order, here are the apps that I am currently loving.

(note: I have an iPhone and this Apps About It post will be about iOS apps. I do not know if any of these apps are universal, so I apologize if one isn't available on your better-than-your-iphone phone.)  



  1. Google Maps (free) : I absolutely love the street view option when I'm lost or traveling someplace new. 
  2. Weather (free) : this is a built-in app but so simple and easy to use. When I want to see more info, i.e. a radar,  I use The Weather Channel
  3. Instagram (free) : I use Instagram more than any other social media app by far,  and especially searching for #hashtags. Look for me here: Instagram
  4.  ZipList (free) : this is a great app for use as a shopping list and a tool for meal planning
  5. Any.Do (free) : my favorite to-do app which helps me easily cross things off my list. 
  6. Slice (free) : track all of your packages in one place and visually see where they are.
  7. Chronicle ($3.99): Yes the price might be high but it is worth it! Never miss a bill payment again. I LOVE this app! 
  8. Chrome (free) : The User-Interface (UI) is much easier to use with chrome than safari- I highly recommend this for your web browsing app. 


9. Pinterest (free) : Pinning on-the-go. Look for my boards here: Pinterest

10. HulloMail (free) : This is called smart voicemail for a reason- you can read, forward and more with this app. This comes in handy when you are busy and want to read what the voicemail said. You can also forward on a voicemail to a co-worker, family member or friend.

11. Rdio (free: for stations; $9.99/month for Unlimited) : The UI is very user-friendly with this app, you can easily add songs to your collection, pick back up where you left off when switching from your computer to your phone, listen to a station which is very similar to pandora and etc. note: I used spotify for about a year and always found myself coming back to rdio

12. Fitbit (free) : My viking-man got me a Fitbit Flex for Christmas- I enjoy using this app and seeing how many steps I get in during a day. I am yet to hit 10,000 steps in one day and have come very close to just walking circles in my backyard just to hit that number.. What I love about this app is the UI, the ease of tracking my water intake, the sleep monitor and of course the silent alarm that pulsates my wrist in the morning and doesn't wakeup my viking-man.

13. Habit List ($2.99) : There are a lot of things I forget to do, like wash my face before bed or move your body i.e. workout. With this app you can get motivated with streaks and it really does help to create a habit.  

Habit List

Habit List

14. Yelp (free) : I use this app daily. I'm always up for new places to try and the app makes it simple to use to review, search nearby and more. Look for me here: Yelp

15. Jewel Mania (free) : this game is addicting.. I play this whenever I want to zone out and I noticed that I might have a problem since I am currently on level 192. Has anyone else played this game before?

16. FITRadio (free) : Let's be honest- sometimes you get tired of hitting the next button on your playlists or hearing that you have skipped too many songs on other apps. This app is purely for workout music and the mixes are perfect for whatever workout you're doing to move your body. This video pretty much explains it in layman's terms. My favorite stations are 10k/5k Run, Gyms/Cardio Workout and 90's in the Gym.



17. Phone (free) : another built-in app for you know, when you need to call someone. 

18. Gmail (free) : I have a love-hate relationship with gmail but I really love this app and the ability to switch back and forth between accounts. 

19. Messages (free) : another built-in app for you know, when you want to send a text, picture, some emojis or you don't want to call someone.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these, let me know. 

I also have to remind myself to put my phone down and "be in the moment"... 

I will break these down into groups next time, i.e. health and fitness, smart, food, and etc. but for now these are my favorites on Apps About It! 


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