Big Green Egg Newbie

big green egg

My viking-man surprised me with a Big Green Egg from Cook's Warehouse for my birthday this year and I have officially drank the kool-aid. 

For years I have always heard people say things like,

"Ohhh my big green egg is the best grill ever!" or "The food doesn't get any better than this- it locks the flavors in!"

I usually thought they were in some kind of cult or something but now... I completely understand. 

Cooking on the Big Green Egg (BGE) is so much different than other kinds of grilling. I used to love my Weber grill but this BGE has completely changed me.

I have started to write temps/times/etc. down each time I cook meals because everything cooks differently. Here is a good representation of different cooking configurations as well as How the Egg Works

I am also learning new BGE terminology i.e. burping the egg, direct, indirect, raised, shut it down, and etc.

The word "egg" is literally added to everything- good for them on marketing! ... Egg-cessories, EGGtoberfest, EGGFESTs, there is even a glossary, eggcetera. (see what I did there!)  

I have cooked on my Big Green Egg almost every night since we put it together and this grill really is amazing! Bison burgers, Salmon, Steaks, Pizza, Lamb, and more. 

Since I am an Big Green Egg-newbie (aka egghead-newbie) I am using new resources that are out there. I even started a Pinterest board that you can find here

Here are a few resources that have come in handy thus far:

Be on the lookout for my own take on BGE recipes. So far I am loving lamb the best on the egg and I haven't had the balls yet to do a slow long cook like pork butt or ribs. 


Do you have a Big Green Egg? Do you recommend any good resources? 


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