Have a lovely long weekend!


Do you have any plans this holiday weekend? I plan on catching up on some reading and visiting with a friend. I'm amazed at how quickly this summer has flown by.  Here are a few things I have enjoyed this summer....

Learning how to cook on my new big green egg. ( recipe posts to come soon)

Wearing this nail polishlipstick, and these earrings

Visiting with my sisters in San Francisco was lovely. We visited some tourist spots, went to wine country, walked amongst the redwoods where we saw this guy and enjoyed lots of really good food. Of course my sister, Lacey took some portraits of us which you can view here and here

Following these local artists.. It's great to see this kind of work in Atlanta..

  • Meg Girard's work is different than anything I've seen and I dig her style.
  • Steve West's work speaks to my inner badass.

Tending to my earthbox garden

Paying bills on time via this app

Listening to this playlist


I hope that you have a lovely long weekend. xo

\\ Photo from Lacey McLaughlin. link via tumblr. \\


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