Garden 2015

Garden 2015 |

As you can see here and here, I have been a big fan of container gardening over the past couple of years. This year I am expanding my horizons a bit more. I am still using my Earthboxes but I have to be honest, it feels good planting directly into the ground too. 

I have been reading about different gardening techniques and I am extremely fond of Geoff Lawton and his mentor Bill Mollison. Permaculture makes so much sense. I enjoy these books as well by Carla Emery and Barbara Damrosch,  Highly recommend checking out these master gardeners. 

The photo above is just one section of my garden this year, I will continue to update you as is progresses. Be sure to find me on instagram and twitter for garden updates too.

I am extremely excited about blueberry bushes and a lemon tree but of course you can't make a meal out of those, so the vegetables will play their role too. Growing your own food makes so much sense to me, hopefully this year will be bountiful.

Here is is gentle reminder: 

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Do you grow any fruits or vegetables? Do you have an gardening tips?


Happy gardening! 


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