DIY Eggshell Seed Starters

DIY Eggshell Seed Starters | via @hazelhaven

This year I started seeds indoors using eggshells as well as jiffy peat pellets (see here).

Of the two, I prefer the eggshell seed starters for these reasons:

  • able to repurpose eggshells after eating the eggs
  • the eggshell pot can be planted directly into the ground or container
  • the eggshell pot will decompose, adding calcium and nutrients into the soil
  • the eggshell pots fit well in egg carton
  • easy to transplant
  • simple to make
DIY Eggshell Seed Starters |

What you will need:

  • halved eggshells, rinsed
  • toothpick or other sharp object to poke holes into eggshells
  • seeds
  • soil ( I prefer to use potting mix)
DIY Eggshell Seed Starters |

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  1. poke a hole into the bottom of the eggshell using toothpick or other sharp object
  2. add eggshell to egg carton
  3. add soil to eggshell
  4. add 2-3 seeds and cover with soil
  5. add water to moisten the soil
  6. place egg carton with eggshell seed starters near sunny window 
  7. grow baby grow

Add water when the soil is dry and continue until seedlings are ready to be transplanted. 

Your seedlings are ready to be transplanted when they have developed their leaves.

Plant your eggshell pot into it's new home. 

Recycle your egg carton or add it to your compost pile. 

Here are a few of my seedlings in their eggshell pots:

baby chamomile seedlings

baby chamomile seedlings

baby bell pepper seedlings

baby bell pepper seedlings

Have you ever used eggshells to start seeds? What are your favorite seed starters?


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