Life Lessons: Learning How to Can

Life Lessons: Learning How to Can via @hazelhaven

I use Ball mason jars for a variety of things; beauty productsstoring spicesstoring pesto and more. It was about time that I learned how to use these ball jars for their main purpose and do some canning. 

If I didn't have my garden I probably would not have thought twice about learning how to can. 

Sure, I could have used YouTube or read about how to can. You can learn anything from fixing a toilet to a car engine on YouTube; but to learn from a grandparent, a parent or a willing teacher who has done it before makes for a better learning experience and a lifelong memory. 

I was thankful that I was able to spend some time with my grandparents and see what they could teach me. My grandparents have had a garden and have canned their food as long as I can remember as did their parents and the ones before them.  

If you don't have a living parent or grandparent in your life, it is very likely that you do have someone in your life that has a skill that you would like to learn. All you have to do is ask if they will teach you.  

Life Lessons: Learning How to Can | @hazelhaven

I learned how to can purple hull peas, blackberry jelly and blueberry jam. I watched my grandmother the first few times and then did my own batch. I'll post in upcoming posts how we canned those foods using both a pressure canner and water baths. 

I always thought that canning was old-fashioned or too hard to learn. As I started to do the canning process, though, I started to understand the value in canning.   

You know where your food is coming from and what's in it. When we picked blueberries for the jam, I knew exactly where those berries came from. When I was shelling purple hull peas, I knew what part of the garden those were located in and that the plants were grown from seed. 

Life Lessons: Learning How to Can | @hazelhaven

With our lives as hectic as they are now, canning saves time in food preparation for putting a meal together. A jar of this added to a little bit of that can instantly be a meal. And hey, it saves money too!

If you're in the south and you get news that there's going to be the possibility of 1/16 inch of snow; you don't have to rush to the store to buy the ingredients for milk sandwiches. 

Canning is also a way to have a homemade gift on hand. 

Now that I have canned, I have a better appreciation for canning and truly understand what goes into it. 

Canning is not hard, it's just time-consuming. Tweet that!

Watching and learning how to can next to my grandmother and then being able to do it myself created a little bit of canning confidence. I am now excited to do some canning on my own. 

Have you ever canned anything before? Do you use your ball mason jars for things other than canning food?


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