SmarterQueue - Social Media Scheduler (Read about it here.)

Board Booster* - Pinterest Scheduler

ConvertKit* - Email Marketing + delivering downloads

Teachable* - Courses + membership site

Business Tools:

Zoom* - For Video Conferencing and Live 1-on-1 Tutorials

G Suite*  (Formerly Google Apps for Work) - A one place stop for email, documents and a custom email for $5/m!

Calendly: For scheduling meetings flawlessly

Bluehost*: Buying domain names + hosting


Office Essentials:

Laptop Stand* - Keeps my laptop cool and folds up nicely for traveling. 

External Monitor* - Great for my desk, plus it's cheaper than an iMac and looks good in white!

Universal Tripod with Wireless Remote* - Love this tripod- also great for traveling. 

Logitech Webcam* - HD Video Webcam 

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone*  - Microphone

Pop Filter* - Helps clean up the sound on my yeti.

External Hard Drive* - Great size for traveling and here's your gentle reminder to backup your files!

Amazon Prime* - Because it's so worth it!

Earlocks* - These make the apple earbuds more comfortable. 


Canva - For Designing Graphics for my blog + Creative Biz
You can enroll in my Free Canva Class here. 

You can enroll in my Consistent Canva course here.

You can find a few of my Canva tutorials here.

Screenflow* - Easy-to-use screen casting software for the Mac. This is what I use for ALL of my videos on YouTube and with my courses!

Grammarly* - Instantly check Grammar and Spelling

Skitch - Little known tool from Evernote*

Evernote* - On the go notes and this is where I store my blog posts. 

Bullet Journaling:

Rhodia Dot Grid Notebook* - I love this journal so much.

micron pen*- These are great pens for drawing and writing.

le pen*- great little pens, plus fun to say. "le pen!" 😉

pilot G2 pen* - This is my go-to pen. 


*This page contains affiliate links. However I would never list a product unless I absolutely love it.