3 Mistakes People Make When Delivering Opt-Ins ( + How to Avoid Them)

3 Mistakes People Make When Delivering Opt-Ins ( + How to Avoid Them) via hazelhaven.com

When you deliver opt-ins it's easy to make a few mistakes and trust me, I made these mistakes too when I first started delivering opt-ins to grow my email list.

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Here are 3 Mistakes people make when delivering opt-ins (+ how to avoid them):

1. Not giving your audience a Call To Action (CTA) on your opt-in form. 

You want to give your audience a call to action on your opt-in form like the one below because you need to tell them why they need it and how to download it. People like to be told what to do and they will quickly enter their information in if you give them an action. If you just pop up a picture or don’t include any verbiage then no one will opt-in. I learned this the hard way but once I implemented a simple "Download Now" CTA, I now get downloads consistently. 

Here's an example:

3 Mistakes people make when delivering opt-ins ( + how to avoid them) via hazelhaven.com

The example above was a Convertkit* naked form below a photo of the mockup and text designed here on Squarespace. When you set up a form with Convertkit*, you can change the button color to match your branding and change the text from “Subscribe” to a Call to Action that relates to your opt-in. 

Here are a few examples of Call to Actions:

  • Click here to Download now

  • Sign me up

  • Give me my download

  • Enroll now

  • Join now

2. Not promoting your opt-in. 

Once you have created your opt-in you need to share it so people will know that they need to download it.

Similar to my post about doing live streams, you need to tell people about your opt-in and where they can download it. If you don’t tell anyone that you have an opt-in / freebie / lead magnet or whatever you want to call it, no one will download it. You need to tell people why they need your opt-in and how they can download it. 

Not sure where to promote your opt-in?

This checklist will help you get started.

Grab your free checklist below!

Grab your Ultimate Checklist for Promoting Opt-Ins via hazelhaven.com

3. Not checking to make sure the delivery works. 

How many times have you opted in for an opt-in and then the tech stuff didn’t work?

When you're delivering opt-ins you want to make sure that you test ALL of the steps yourself BEFORE you promote it. 

When I work 1-on-1 with my clients, they always ask me how to test the delivery process and I thought you might have that question, too!

When I deliver my opt-ins through Squarespace and ConvertKit* there are a lot of steps in the workflow. To make sure that I do this correctly each time, I set up a workflow inside of Trello so I can make sure that I don’t miss anything. 

You can also have one of your friends or biz buddies test this out for you as well! 

What are some mistakes that you think people make when delivering opt-ins? Have you ever made any of these mistakes?