3 Reasons Why You Need to Deliver Opt-Ins

 3 reasons why you need to deliver opt-ins via @hazelhaven

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If you have a small business then you have most likely heard that you need an opt-in to grow your list. But what exactly is an opt-in? An opt-in is anything that you give someone in exchange for their email address.

Other names for opt-ins include; freebie, content upgrade, opt-in gift, trigger, and lead magnet. 

The goal of an opt-in is to provide a solution to one problem.

By delivering opt-ins you will build trust, stand out with your brand and in return grow your email list. Tweet that! 

Struggling with why you need to deliver an opt-in?

Here are 3 reasons why you need to deliver an opt-in:

1. Grow your email list.

You want to grow your email list because it's the only thing that YOU OWN. You don't own your followers on social media, you don't own the people who have liked your content, but you do own your email addresses and you need to keep that in mind when you're delivering opt-ins. Growing your EMAIL LIST should be the MOST important thing that you focus on for your creative business!

2. Validate interest in a product or course idea.

If you’re not sure if your new product or course idea is something that your audience will be interested in, you can create an opt-in related to that topic, deliver it in an email, social media or your website to see if it’s something that is of interest.

The graph above is from my ConvertKit* account. ConvertKit* is great for delivering opt-ins efficiently and tracking to see which opt-in is performing best. 

For instance: I created my Opt-In Cheatsheet before creating my Opt-Ins 101 Mini-Course. My opt-in had over 80 downloads before I created my mini-course! Opt-Ins 101 is now one of my most popular courses and I know it’s because I created the opt-in BEFORE creating my course!

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3. Build trust with your audience.

When you deliver an opt-in that helps solve someone's problem, you will build their trust.

When you deliver an opt-in that gives them something that is of VALUE they will thank you for sharing it with them, share your content because they want to and come back to you in the future.

Here are a few examples that I have received from my audience:

 3 reasons why you need to deliver an opt-in
 3 reasons why you need to deliver an opt-in

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