4 Places Opt-Ins Should Live on Your Website

After you have created your opt-in, you need to share it. The best place to promote your opt-in is on your own website.

Here are 4 places that an opt-in should live on your website:

1. Before the fold.

The fold of the website is right before you have to scroll, so think about it on both your computer and mobile.

1. Before the fold of your website

2. At the bottom of your page (i.e. in the footer)

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see that I have put my main opt-in inside my pre-footer here on Squarespace. By including it on the footer it will also at the bottom of EVERY page of my website which will save me a lot of time! 

2. Add your opt-in to your footer

You want to make a good first impression and have visitors leave your site with a good impression. Might as well give them a free gift while they're visiting!

3. On a welcome mat.

A welcome mat is essentially like a welcome mat for your site- most people put these up when their website is under construction or they have a promotion going on.

4 places opt-ins should live on your website via @hazelhaven

5. Or on a landing page

Of course there are more places that you could put opt-ins up on your website, but these are the places that have worked for me and my clients'. Tweet That!

The ultimate checklist for promoting opt-ins via @hazelhaven


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Where do you like to store opt-ins on your website? Please share, I'd love to know!