3 Mistakes People Make When Creating Opt-ins (+ How to Avoid Them)

These are 3 mistakes that I made when I first started creating opt-ins for my website and I want to help you learn how to avoid them. via @hazelhaven

When you start to create opt-ins for your blog or creative business, it's easy to make a few mistakes. Let's be honest, everyone says that you NEED an opt-in but no one really explains why, how, and where to create one.

These are 3 mistakes that I made when I first started creating opt-ins for my website and I want to help you learn how to avoid them. 

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The 3 Mistakes People Make When Creating Opt-Ins: 

1. Not including where your audience can find you.

When you create your PDF file as an example, you want to include either your website URL or social media usernames so whoever downloaded your opt-in will know how to find you in the future.

3 Mistakes People Make when creating opt-ins and how to avoid them

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Another tip for this is to include your name or business name on the actual file as well. See the examples below:

Naming the file with your name is a lot easier to know where it came from and get opened!

Naming the file with your name and what it is, will help your reader to know where it came from and get opened!

Having a file named like this will most likely get deleted or lost on their computer. (Don't make this mistake!)

You want to make the process of downloading an opt-in SO EASY that your audience will continue to come back to you! Tweet That!


2. Creating an opt-in with unrelated content. 

You want to create an opt-in that will provide your audience something of value- related to what you do, what you sell or what you are currently promoting.

It's very easy to get caught up in something that I like to call the good idea fairy. You come up with a great idea for an opt-in, something that you know people would be interested in getting, put it up and then later on you realize that it has NOTHING to do with what you offer.

Don't let the good idea fairy confuse you when you create your opt-in. Create an opt-in related to what you offer! Tweet that! 


I can't remember who said this but it really hit home for me. If you are a food blogger would you be posting about sweaters? Probably not.

You want to make sure that your opt-in is related and not completely off topic for what you currently offer to your audience. 

3. Not promoting your opt-in.

This is probably the biggest mistake that I see people do. They create an opt-in but then they don't promote it. Once you put up a landing page or have an opt-in on your website - promote it. Share it with your friends, on your social media channels, in Facebook groups (You can join my Facebook group here and share your opt-ins on Thursdays!) and etc. 

One of my favorite tools for promoting opt-ins is bit.ly. Bit.ly is a tool that allows you to shorten your long url into a short url. Another thing that I love about bit.ly is that you can brand your URL to match whichever opt-in you have. 

For instance:

I have a landing page for my opt-in cheatsheet that I created on Squarespace. Instead of sharing this link: http://www.hazelhaven.com/optin-cheatsheet

I share this one: bit.ly/optincheatsheet

Which link do you think is easier for YOU and your readers to share or remember?

Bit.ly has tons of analytics that you can gather from your links as well and it's FREE!

Here's a quick overview of different things you can track:

Create shortened links with bi.ly for your opt-ins

To learn how to create a branded URL with bit.ly and a few more helpful tricks. You can join my Free Facebook group, Creative Biz Haven and watch the tutorial. 

Once you have your shortened link to your opt-in, share this link to promote your opt-in that way you will get more traffic to your opt-in and you will be able to grow your e-mail list.

After they get the opt-in there are A LOT of different things that you can do like send them an email, add them to a funnel, or send them to your next webinar or etc. I'm not talking about that. Right now, I'm talking about promoting your opt-in, so that you can receive your reader's email address in exchange for the opt-in that you have created. This way they will receive something of value from you instantly and you will continue to grow your email list. 

You want to grow your email list because it's the only thing that YOU OWN. You don't own your followers on social media, you don't own the people who have liked your content, but you do own your email addresses and you need to keep that in mind when you're creating opt-ins. In short: growing your EMAIL LIST should be the MOST important thing that you focus on for your creative business!

These are all mistakes that I have made personally when I started creating opt-ins and hopefully, this post will help you avoid these mistakes when you create your opt-ins. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below.

Have you ever made these mistakes when creating opt-ins? Do you have anything else to add? Please share in the comments below, I'd love to know!