3 Myths About Creating Opt-Ins for Your Niche

 3 Myths About Creating Opt-Ins for Your Niche via @hazelhaven

Okay so you want to create opt-ins for your niche but you're not quite sure about a few things, right? I keep hearing a lot of people talk about this and I am going to bust through a few of these myths for you! 

Myth #1: You have to hire a designer / expert to create opt-ins for you. 


Ughhhh this is not true at all. You can easily create virtual opt-ins in programs like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs* or Canva

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Stop what you're doing and read these myths busted about creating opt-ins!

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Myth #2: You have to spend money when promoting your opt-in. 


You can promote you opt-in for free on:

  • your blog
  • social media 
    • Facebook groups (Be sure to read the group's rules before posting! You can share on Thursdays in my Creative Biz Haven Facebook group. Click here to join for FREE.)
    • Place the link to your opt-in in your social media profiles.
  • your website

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Myth #3: You have to have a fully functional website to create opt-ins.


You can setup a landing page as your homepage while you work on your website. By setting a landing page as your homepage; people can go to your website, download the opt-in and you can grow your list while you're still working on your site! It's a win-win!

Here's an example:

(This is called a Cover Page in Squarespace.)

 Cover Page Example in Squarespace for how to grow your list with opt-ins

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