How to Post Content Consistently for Your Online Business

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How many times have you thought, "How do they stay so consistent with their content?"

This is a question that I get A LOT inside my Facebook group. I definitely don't feel like I am as consistent with my content as I could be but I have noticed that when I am consistent, amazing things do happen.

Now don't get me wrong, it’s very easy to get caught up with trying to do all.of.the.things.

Here are FIVE things that will help you post content consistently for your online business:

1. Set your goals.

If your goal is to post on social media at least 5x a week, go ahead and set that goal. Once you have a goal set, it will help you plan out your content. 

Setting goals helps you have something to work towards instead of feeling all over the place.

You don’t have to make this fancy or anything, it could be as simple as writing it down or trying it out in trello for the week ahead.

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2. Create a doable content calendar.

Once you have your goal set, you’ll be able to plan out your content but whatever you do….please make this a realistic plan for your schedule. Nothing is worse than setting an unrealistic goal and missing it then beating yourself up over it. Do me a favor and save yourself a headache on that one, okay?  

For instance, if your goal is to write one blog post each week and you know that you only have a certain about of time to work on your blog post, tackle that first and then if you have time go on to the next thing. 

If you’re not sure how long your task takes, you can use a timer to see how long it takes you to complete. 

I love love love using pomodoros for this. On my mac I use this app and on my iPhone I use this one called Focus Keeper (FREE) as shown below:

Photo Credit: Download this app here:

Photo Credit: Download this app here:

The pomodoro technique is based off of the tomato kitchen timers. Using these apps, I work for 25 minutes on ONE task and then I take a break for 5 minutes. If I have not completed the task then I send another pomodoro before moving onto to my next task. You can read more about the pomodoro technique right here

My favorite thing about this technique is that once you know how long a task will take to complete, you’ll be able to plan out your content more efficiently.

For instance, I used to think that writing a blog post and posting it would take me only one pomodoro, but it actually takes me about FOUR! 🤷‍♀️ Plan accordingly! 

3. Repurpose your content. 

Once you have a piece of content that is performing well, repurpose it.

How do you know if a post is performing well? Pay attention to your stats/analytics on your post. How many comments does it have? How many replies did you receive on a recent email that you sent out? 

Here’s an example:

This instagram post had more engagement than most of my posts on instagram so I repurposed it. 

A post shared by Lindsey Hazel (@hazelhaven) on

Here's how I did that, I turned that instagram post into an email as show below.

I turned that email into a Facebook live.

I turned that Facebook live into a YouTube video.

I turned that YouTube video into a blog post. 


The blog post was added to my social media scheduler (SmarterQueue) and is now posting to Pinterest, Facebook and twitter automagically. 

ONE piece of content was repurposed more than FIVE times. 


You could totally do this EACH week with one piece of content to save yourself from the “what am I going to post today?” headache! 


Brittany Berger is the QUEEN of repurposing content and you can read her helpful post all about that here: Getting Started Repurposing Content: Find Your Greatest Hits and Hidden Gems [Video]

4. Tell others for accountability.


Sometimes we stick to our goals once we make them public and share them with someone else. If this sounds like something that makes sense for you, tell others how often you’re going to strive to post content that week/month. Also ask them how you can hold them accountable too, this is when accountability is powerful, my friend.

Each week inside my group, Creative Biz Haven we share these weekly intentions and it is really helpful for those who need it!

If you want to join my free Facebook group for creative business owners for some extra accountability, you can join us right here!

5. Use tools to help you post content consistently.


As you know, I am a huge fan of SmarterQueue. Smarterqueue allows me to stay active on social media without actually spending all day online. I’m able to add in my content, schedule it and it runs automagically. 

For instagram, I’ve been testing out later, preview app, unum and planoly to see which one I prefer.  I’m leaning towards planoly because it works great on both my iPhone and my computer!


To learn about all of my favorite tools that I love and use everyday click the image below to join my FREE course, Simplify Your Biz Tools!

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