How to Stand Out Online in 2018

Growing your online presence is tricky when you first start your blog or online business but there are so many ways to stand out online and still be true to you.

While it is very easy to fall into the trap of trying to mimic what worked well for other people, it’s easy to lose yourself in the process.

In order to stay true to who you are you need to learn how to use other people's strategies as motivation for yourself! Take their strategies and steps and still utilize your own strengths. Plus, it's much easier to be yourself!

Here are 5 ways to Stand Out Online in 2018:

Online Courses That I Have Taken and Recommend

The important thing to remember when taking online courses is that they won't work unless you do. Of course, you'll have some that you just don't feel like work out best for you and your business. Before you buy a course, be sure to do your research, make sure that it's something that you have time/money for and is something that you really want to work on.

I have taken a few courses that really weren't as great as the teacher perceived, or on par with where I was at that time and that was disappointing. So again, do your research. 

You can research courses before you take them by:

  • Googling the course name and reading reviews
  • Reaching out to someone that you know has previously taken a course and asking them any questions that you may have
  • Finding a FAQ for the course and reach out to the teacher or team
  • Search in Facebook groups that you are active in

I love taking courses that help me in areas that I'm not proficient in, want to expand on or were recommended to me. Inside my Simplify Your Biz Tools free course, I listed these out in more detail, you can enroll here for free!