7 Tailwind Tribes for Creative Bloggers to Boost Their Traffic

Have you heard of Tailwind Tribes? I LOVE using Tailwind Tribes.  

Tailwind Tribes are similar to a group board on Pinterest but better. It's more exclusive, you have to be invited or have a special link invitation to join and you're able to connect with other marketers, bloggers, etc. within your niche.

If you're interested in learning about Tailwind, check out my Ultimate Guide to Using Tailwind for Pinterest here

Tailwind Tribes are great because they are more niched down than a Pinterest group board and you can get the statistics from the tribes that you're in. Here's an example of the reach and repins that I received from one of my tribes. 

The Ultimate Guide to Using Tailwind for Pinterest

I started using Tailwind a few months ago and wow I am loving it. In three short months, I have grown my website traffic, email list, and Pinterest following.

Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduling tool you can also use it for Instagram but I haven't used that feature yet. 

So before I tell you why you'll love Tailwind, get some helpful links and a video training, I want to share with you what life was like for me before Tailwind.

How to Schedule Social Media with Smarterqueue (+ 30 Day Free Trial)

Recently I wrote about Why I Switched from Meet Edgar to SmarterQueue and this post has been super popular. To read my 3 reasons why I switched to SmarterQueue click here.

SmarterQueue is quite new to the social media scheduling world but I love it! 

For reference, I have used these social media scheduling tools: Post Planner, buffer, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Sprout Social, Recurpost, and IFTTT. SmarterQueue makes the most sense for me and my business and hopefully after this post you'll see why I love this tool. 

These videos will help you learn how to get started with SmarterQueue.

Why I Switched from MeetEdgar to SmarterQueue

You know that social media is important for your creative business but let’s be honest, social media takes TIME. I used to spend every Sunday evening planning out my content for the week ahead. I would set up my prompts for my facebook group and make sure that they would post at the same time each day. I would add other people's content to my queue in Buffer and rinse and repeat the next week. But you know what? I knew that there had to be something better. Something that would save me more time!

As a previous social media manager, I have tried lots of different tools for social media scheduling (Buffer, Post Planner, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, CoSchedule to name a few) but I wanted to find a tool that would allow me recycle posts so that they were always posting on their own to help save me time.