Let me introduce myself...


Hi, I'm Lindsey Hazel.

I help creatives simplify daily life on and offline. With my background in art, marketing, branding, and website design, I know that I can help you take action on your brand vision.

Nine months ago, I was spending more time than I care to admit, creating designs for my website. I was using Adobe programs and feeling like I was getting nowhere fast. I also worked with professional graphic designers, but each time I ended up with exactly what “the professional” wanted and not what I had in mind. My designs were all over the place and my website did not represent me. I realized that this was because my brand was nonexistent. 

I listened to my gut about how I wanted my brand to look + feel, implemented design principles and Consistent Canva was born.

Consistent Canva teaches you the same strategies that I use for my own brand every day. So don't worry about feeling stressed out about the tech stuff, I'm going to walk you through this journey so that you can feel confident and proud when you reach your desired outcome.